Circadian rhythm monitoring software

circadian rhythm

What is AutoCircaS?

The software is developed for measurement of locomotor activity. AutoCircaS is able to measure the activity of small animals or insects such as Drosophila, Japanese Medaka, Zebra fish and mouse. The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology(AIST) and Nagoya University utilize this device for basic research mainly in the field of circadian rhythm and seasonality.

Basic model Basic model includes filming system and moving distance measurement for a specimen.
Additional software distance measurement between 2 specimens Identify the location coordinates of each specimen and the measurement of the two specimens.In addition, you can analyze the distance proximity ratio by setting a certain threshold.
Additional software for zone analysis and static ratio You can specific to measure the static proportion in each zone.For example, dividing the case (well) in 4 proportions and analyzing the static ratio in each area.
Additional software for Chi-square test Position of Japanese medaka measured automatically at periodic interval with hourly distance measured and data shown in graph.

Software Details

Basic model

Basic model

distance measurement for 1specimen

【Filming mode】
Filiming at interval of 1 second or 10 seconds. Long period filming of 1 month is also possible. The software on sale at this homepage is compatible for 1 camera. If special needs is required, we can tailor to your request.

【Analysis mode】
t is possible to calculate the moving distance at specific time frame like 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 1 hour.

The result is in a Excel file which is output in a CSV format. The graph is output in PDF format.

Example of measurement

Rhythmic activities of Drosophila melanogaster

It can be known the active daily movements and activities of living things occur at specific time. For Drosophila melanogaster, the frequency occurs in the morning and evening.

Courtship circadian rhythm of Drosophila melanogaster

t has been determined that courtship frequencies for Drosophila melanogaster taper off in the evening. Above graph is the data captured by AutoCircaS showing the courtship pattern of Drosophila melanogaster.

Data provided by AIST, Ishida Group of clock gene

2 specimens

Additional software distance measurement between 2 specimens

distance measurement between 2 specimens

You can identify the position coordinates of the specimen and measure the distance between the 2 specimens. It is also possible to analyze the proximity percentage by setting threshold value.

see the analysis

Zone analysis
and static ratio

Additional software zone analysis

Additional software for zone analysis and static ratio

You can calculate the percentage of static ratio within a specific range. A maximum of 48 division( 6*8) of rectangular segmentation is possible.

Chi-square test

Additional software Chi-square test

Periodic analysis with Chi-square test

By using this chi-square test, if periodicity can be observed in the analysis of one or two specimens, the cycle length can also be determined.

Method of Use


You can download the basic model through the file transfer service with the USB key sent from us.

Before start-up

Insert the USB Key into your PC and run the program

The Package

Minimum Requirements

Camera, lighting, and PC Unit provided. If neccessary, incubator unit can be added after consultation.

Filming Notes

Mount the camera to start filming the specimen. The specimen has a blackish shade compared to the surrondings. It is important that the shadow is distinctive.

Analysis notes

It will be neccessary to have a filming period of 3 days for analysis using Chi-square test.

User Voice

Foundation for Advancement of International Science Chronobiology Research Institute Ishida’s lab


Haruhisa Kawasaki, Ph. D

Analysis relating to the behavioral patterns of Drosophila melanogaster. Previously, when carrying out this experiment, after the analysis, data are transferred to the computer and then analyzed. It isso inconvenient. With AutoCircaS, the experiment, analysis and all related tasks can be carried out in a single device automatically which saved time. Up to now, the behavior measurement equipment was a premise to use in an incubator. This premise has changed with AutoCircS. As the device comes with the functions of the temperature and light control, there is no need to separately purchase an incubator.Even in a small laboratory, it is compact and can be installed without taking up place. Furthermore, with AutoCircaS, evaluation of behavioral patterns over a long period is also possible.


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Addtional functions can be tailored

We accept addtional function on AutoCircaS. It is possible to develop it by NDA. If you open the new function on the website, special pricing can be shown.

Customise Software Available

Beside standard lineup, we also accept orders for customise software covered by an NDA ( Confidentiality Agreement) Special pricing can be considered for customise software offered for display on this homepage

Hardware development

We can undertake and develop hardware design from housing, various temperature controls and illumination system to suit to your needs.
Price estimates available after consultation.

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